What is the Difference between Compulsive Eating and Emotional Eating?

Sometimes you may confuse the meaning of Compulsive Eating with Emotional Eating and vice versa.

You may also think that they are just the same. These two terms may be related and sound somewhat similar but they differ from each other. If you are a Comfort Eater or an Emotional Eater, you NEED to know the difference. Confused as to which is which? Read on to better understand this topic.

Compulsive Eating and its Meaning

Compulsive eating, commonly known as binge eating, is the practice of consuming an enormous amount of food that is beyond the capacity of a normal person to eat. An individual with this condition has no control over what and how much food he/she consumes. This focuses more on the behavioural patterns of the person; forcing them to eat without consciously being in control.

Emotional Eating: What is it really?

Emotional eating is an act of consuming a huge quantity of food to satisfy an emotion rather than physiological hunger. We say that it’s a case of emotional eating when a person tends to unconsciously eat more than what it normally takes when responding to a certain feeling. These feelings or emotions can either be negative or positive. When an emotional eater feels stressed; they would eat more than what is normal to have a feeling of comfort gained from food. Also, when an emotional eater accomplishes something significant; they would treat themselves, maybe to a restaurant as a reward for a job well done.

Compulsive and Emotional Eating: Conclusion

The big difference between the two is that emotional eating is a response to emotions whereas compulsive eating is from the behaviour of the person. They both happen unconsciously within the psyche of the person but the root causes of both eating disorders are different.
Do you think you are an emotional eater? Or are you a compulsive eater? Now that you know their difference, it’s a lot easier for you to get the right help for your condition.

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